Lunch buffet, group lunch, Wedding or just að nice cake buffet?


Lunch buffet 3.500
Lunch buffet - Children 6-12 years 1.750
Soup of the day (Gluten free & Vegan options) 1.500
Our famous seafood soup 2.200
Reindeer pie (Gluten free) 4.100
Tenderloin of lamb 4.390
Beetroot patties (Vegan) 2.490
Quiche (Vegetarian) 1.900

Coffee and cakes

Cake buffet 2.500
Cake buffet - Children 6-12 years 1.250
Skyr cake with local stone bramble berries 990
Rhubarb pie 990
Crowberry brownies (Gluten Free, Vegan) 990
Chocolate cake (Vegan) 990
Date cake with hot carmel 990
Waffle served with jam, syrup & cream 990
Kleinur / traditional pastry - 4 pices  500
Traditional flatbread with smoked lamb 600
Glazed baguette with ham & salami (Vegetarian options) 1.250
Homemade blueberry ice cream 800
Children´s Chocolate cake 800
Pizza rolls 700


Additional menus for groups and events (*opens as a pdf):


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