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DSC01315Below you can see our daily menu for the summer.

And here you can download our group menus:

Group menu 2017

Special offer menu 2017

Buffet menu 2017




f36090806_klausturka_01  f36090806_klausturka_09  f36090806_klausturka_24  f36090806_klausturka_22


Lunch buffet (2017)

Children 6-12 years

kr. 3.490

kr. 1.745

Soup of the day (GF) kr. 1.450
Our renowned seafood soup (GF) kr. 2.150
Reindeer pie with vegetables kr. 4.190
Tenderloin of lamb with potatoes and vegetables kr. 4.490
Beetroot burgers with vegetables & potatoes (Vegan) kr. 2.490
Quiche with cheese and salat kr. 1.950
Glazed baguette with ham/salami kr. 1.250

Cake buffet

Children 6-12 yrs

kr. 2.290

kr. 1.145

Skyr cake with Stone bramble berries kr. 990
Rhubarb pie kr. 990
Chocolate cake
kr. 990
Date surprise with hot caramel kr. 990
Crowberry brownies (GF / Vegan) kr. 990
Waffle with whipped cream and jam kr. 790
Homemade ice cream kr. 790
Traditional pastry (kleinur) kr. 500
Traditional bread with smoked lamb kr. 600

For children

Childrens chocolate cake kr. 690
Pizzabread kr. 690

Coffee / Tea kr. 450
Hot chocolate w/ whipped cream
for children
kr. 550
kr. 400
Soda 0.25 l kr. 350
Soda 0.5 l kr. 400
Light beer / Brown Ale light 0.33 l kr. 400
Fruit juice 0.25 l
Svali for children
kr. 350
kr. 200
Glass of milk 0,25 l kr. 200
Crowberry drink - non alcoholic 0.25 l kr. 500
Stone bramble berry drink - alcoholic 0.15 l kr. 1.250
Blueberry snaps - local 5 cl kr. 800
Viking,  0.33 l kr. 900
Thule 0.5 l kr. 1.000
Glass of red / white wine 18.75 cl kr. 1.250



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June - August: Open daily 10am - 6pm

May & September: Open daily 11am - 5pm

April: Open daily 12pm - 4pm

1.-11. October: Open daily 12pm - 4pm

November - March: Open occasionally. Ask for information.

Skriðuklaustur is in Fljótsdalur valley at the upper end of Lagarfljót lake - right by the highland road to Snæfell and Kárahnjúkar. Map

39 km from Egilsstaðir

11 km from Hallormsstaður forest

5 km from Hengifoss waterfall

A Visitor's centre for Vatnajökull National Park is also at Skriðuklaustur.

Adults (museum & guidance) 1100 kr
Children under 16 accompanied by adults 0 kr
Students 750 kr
Senior citizens / disabled 550 kr
Groups (20+) 900 kr
Guided tour of the archsite for groups (10>)
Adults 600 kr
Children under 16 accompanied by adults 0 kr


...a white-shining, black-sparkling cloud of sea birds
which, like a continuation of
the breakers, swirled up at the
black cliffs, and disappeared
in the mists of the mountain.

The Black Cliffs 1929

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